Development of Russia:
Industry, Power Engineering, Society

Industry and Energy development line

While examining the enormous reports concerning the scheduled construction of plants until 2020, modernization and creation of new works, start of the field development, an idea appeared to put all the planned events on the time line. Even short descriptions of these events without detailed documents made some hundred pages (a huge book) which were difficult to use. Then an idea to create a development line for Industry and Energy was born.

The systematic collection of all the scheduled events in Industry and Energy was not realized for many years. The authorities, the departments of strategic development of corporations, the analytical centers - nobody had a full map of the scheduled events.

The reasons were clear: it was a hard work which was impossible to be carried out inside one branch because the relevant events do not always belong to the competence of any one branch. The events which are important for Metallurgy take place in Chemistry and Motor-Car Construction; the key events of Energy are connected with Demography and Education, etc.

In Industry and Energy the key events are scheduled for the decades in advance. Due to such system of the said events the branch development becomes conditional and limited.

This is an attempt to collect and analyze through the methods of scanning of the future the events which are planned by the organizations, the manufacturers, the large companies and which will in perspective influence on the Russian Economy development.

The subjects which make this or that key decision are numerous but very often they do not know about each other. Our task is to put on the time arrow all such decisions and to show a full picture. This line is calculated until 2090.