Development of Russia:
Industry, Power Engineering, Society

Practical tasks resolved by the Project

The development line 2.0 makes the infrastructure for coordination of the future’s image. The line objects all the decisions made in a visible form. Many different messages and documents, the intentions expressed and declared in different sources, are made in one clear visual format allowing to realize a number of analytical functions.

One of the ways to use the Development line 2.0 – preparation to the declared future. There is a number of strict decisions which influence on the whole markets. This a largest spectrum of changes – beginning from the legal changes of the import and export parameters to the prohibition of the work of the stalls and booths in Moscow. It is necessary to know about such events in advance to have possibility to prepare or in some cases to correct the situation. When the preparation to the planned future is absent it results in numerous crises. E.g., the prohibiting fees for the forest export are introduces earlier that the processing infrastructure is created. One of the motivation reasons to create the Development line is that the entities could be informed about such changes during a period when it is possible to prepare to these changes. This period makes half a year, one year, five years. The idea is to

1. learn about the events before their beginning
2. learn about them in a period during which it is real to prepare for them
3. learn in the time where it is possible to be involved in preparation of such decision and influence on it

The correspondence of a strategic department of any company, region or state body to its name may be assessed at one criterion: what point from the said list it is capable to realize. If some event is unexpected for any department, it means that it does not fulfill its functions. The forecasting in the modern world is based on the fact that all the future is already nominated and declared, and realization of this or that scenario is only possible. We create the infrastructure which allows holding all the events at the low level. The following level fixes branchy scenarios and points of changes.