Development of Russia:
Industry, Power Engineering, Society


The Development line is public. The companies may add their own events. The development line the map of the future will be more detailed, visual and complex. It is simultaneously the Foresights result and its interface. We invite to participate in the development line all the industrial and energetic enterprises which have any concrete plans and ideas not limited by nearest some years. Today any company concerned may open this line at the site of the Ministry of Industry and Energy and to see what will happen in the period which is of interest for it. Our days the strategic departments use the press monitoring but they do not need the monitoring of the passed news, they need the monitoring of the future. If any strategic development learns about any relevant event in its field from the news it means that it does not fulfill its functions. The development line is an infrastructure of the futures monitoring, and we invite all the companies strategic departments to use it and to fill it up. Any company may declare its plans this way and so include them into strategic coordination. We consider that it is very important that the Development line 2.0 is firstly an instrument of the collective work. All the Foresights methods are oriented for co-participation of a large number of experts and persons making decisions. But only the visual methods allow making the work of all the participants to be evident for each other. The Development line 2.0 is a map where all the Foresights participants may sea the future representations of each other. Besides, such visualization clearly reflects all the contradictions or the possibilities to cooperate in such representations. Because the mechanism of filling up the Development ruler is open, we may involve in creation of the common rulers any number of participants; they may determine the degree of their participation themselves. It is not obligatory for a company or for a region to present the experts for filling up the enormous questionnaires or for giving long expert interviews. As we know, such works may be done by a limited number of participants: hundreds, but not thousands. The Development line 2.0 will be high quality product if each participating company places even one key event of its strategy. As our experience shows almost all the entities of the branches are ready for such participation.